What We do

We tell stories. Straight and simple. Our name says it all. But not just that. We tell stories connecting people with brands. We believe that a memorable story can create an emotional journey which will be remembered often and thereby the brand associated with it.

What We Do

We make
brand stories
that everybody
talks about

Nobody likes being unpopular. Everyone loves to be ‘that’ person everybody loves. That’s how things work in the society. Brands are not different to that. Brands love it when everyone loves them. Our strategies work best for that. We strive to build brand stories that people will always keep remembering. We collide creativity, content, design and technology to make great stories. This is what we are good at- it is what we love.

We make
forgotten brands
popular again

That’s how it is. Anything gets old with time. Messages we pass across people get old. People move on. Markets grow. Sometimes popular brands lose their way when new ones come up. We get thrilled when this type of brands approach us. We love to push our creative boundaries and do exceptional work that can bring a dying brand alive again.

We help

We are crazy about your business’s growth. In the end, that’s what we look for. Your growth is our responsibility. It is also our success. We can support your growth with everything starting from spreading awareness about your company to attracting new partners that can expand your business, sell more, improve your company’s brand image, create new markets, pass messages in the right way across your staff and stakeholders, help your business overcome crises and make your business the first choice.

How we do things

Everything is
about getting the right

Brandstory is not about average advertising or a piece of art, brandstory is the client’s business story that will connect with people in a more human way to get the numbers right.

break rules

We love doing new things instead of going by the old ways. We are not that typical ad agency. We create new stories that build new conversations and disrupt category norms. We find the unique human quality in a brand that will connect with people fast.

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+94 11 236 7633, +94 77 728 9942